of Gatlinburg, TN
A Beautiful Log Cabin
in a Quiet Wooded
We are very excited about you visiting our cabin, Hemlock Haven.  Our "home
away from home" in the Smoky Mountains of Gatlinburg, TN is a dream come
true for us, and we hope that you too will realize some dreams of your own.    

Reservation Policy:  
A Hemlock Haven reservation is very simple.  To reserve Hemlock Haven, 25% of
the total balance is due at the time of your reservation.  The balance is then due
10 days prior to your visit.  When we receive the 25% deposit, we send out a
reservations package. The reservations package will include all the information
that you will need to stay at Hemlock Haven.  You will find directions to the cabin,
a map, pictures of direction changing landmarks to look for, brochures,
reccomendations, a copy of our rental agreement, etc... We do require you to fill
out, initial the first page, sign and date our rental agreement and send it to us by
either fax (773-498-7507) or mail.  We absolutely respect your privacy, any
information obtained in the agreement is used solely for the purpose of renting
Hemlock Haven, per your request.  We must have a signed copy of the
agreement prior to your arrival, no exceptions.  Also you
must be at least 25
years of age to rent and occupy Hemlock Haven.  If you have any questions,
please contact me, Jim (Owner), at 773-909-6529 and I will be happy to help you.
Please mail any correspondence to:
Bluegrass Cabin Rentals
P.O. Box 172
Summit, IL  60501

Check-In and Check-Out:
Check-in to Hemlock Haven is at 4pm.  The final remaining balance for your
reservation is due and payable ten says prior to your visit.  And at that time, you
will receive an email or phone call with the key code to Hemlock Haven.  
However, we ask that you please respect our 4pm check-in policy.  We have to
allow for our maid service and cleaning crew to prepare our cabin for your
welcome.  Check-out is at 10am.  Any accident or damage to personal property
while at the cabin must be reported within 24 hours of incident.  

Cancellations and Changes:
We will issue a full refund of your deposit, for reservations cancelled 30 days
prior to your arrival date.  Deposits and fees for reservations cancelled less than
30 days prior to your arrival date are non-refundable.  Refunds are not provided
for nights removed less than 30 days prior to guest arrival.  Only the guest
named on the rental agreement may cancel or make changes to a reservation
and only by signing a request.

Damages and Excessive Cleaning:
One week prior to your visit to gatlinburg, a security deposit hold of $150 will be
placed on the credit card of the guest named on the rental agreement.  This hold
is not a charge and will not show on your credit card statement.  The security
deposit will only be charged if there is damage, theft, or the need for excessive
cleaning and in which case, the charges may exceed the security deposit.  
Also, any vandalism and/or theft will be photographed and reported to the police
to pursue prosecution and/or litigation.  Please note - the hot tub covers are
fragile and have a replacement cost of $350.00.  

Pets and Smoking:
Hemlock Haven is smoke free and pet free, we do not allow smoking or pets.  
Any smoking or unauthorized pets in the cabin will be subject to an automatic
$300.00 excessive cleaning charge.

Hot Tub:                                
The hot tub is drained, cleaned, refilled, and chemically sanitized prior to each
guest arrival.  Please leave the bromine floater in the hot tub at all times.   
Because the hot tub is completely drained and refilled prior to each guest stay,
the water may not be warm until the evening of your arrival. There are health risks
associated with the use of hot tubs, please use it with discretion and at your sole
responsibility. DO NOT STAND ON THE HOT TUB COVER, it will break.  Please
when not using the hot tub, leave the cover on so the hot tub will stay warm and
debris will stay out.  Please shower before using the hot tub as some body
lotions, perfumes, etc... mixed with the hot tub chemicals can cause a rash on
your skin.  And we, the owners, assume no responsibility for any occurrence
associated with the hot tub usage.                               

Please Initial_________

We do perform regular maintenance on Hemlock Haven and make every effort to
keep all amenities in good working order.  As in any home, appliances, hot tubs,
A/C and heating units, satellite tv, fireplaces, etc... may malfunction and while we
cannot offer refunds or discounts for such malfunctions we will make every effort
to correct any malfunctions as soon as possible during regular business hours.
Please report all maintenance issues immediately.

Housekeepers clean Hemlock Haven thoroughly prior to guest arrival.  We do not
offer regular daily maid service, but if need be, it can be arranged for a reduced
cost of $60 per day extra.  A starter set of linens, towels, soap supplies, toilet
paper, and paper towels is provided for each guest.  Upon arrival, please report
any damage
or housekeeping issues.

Refund policy:
We will do everything we can to make sure Hemlock Haven is ready for you.  Any
damages or problems not reported by the tenant upon arrival will be charged to
the tenant.  As in any home, malfunctions occasionally will happen.  No refunds
will be issued for early departure, malfunctions in equipment (i.e. hot tubs,
jacuzzi tub, televisions, stereos, VCRs, etc...), or any weather conditions.  

Lost or Stolen Items:
We, the owners, are not and can not be held responsible for lost or stolen items.
A security system has been installed for your convenience as well as a safe for
your valuables.  Any of our guest items which are found will be returned to the
maintenance office. Items can be returned at the guests expense.

Unfortunatley, we do not offer discounts or refunds if you are unable to arrive at
the cabin because of weather conditions.

Pests and Environment:
To ensure the best guest experience, we perform regular pest control
maintenance on Hemlock Haven.  Because our cabin is located in a wooded and
mountainous area we cannot guarantee that it will be pest free.  We do not offer
refunds for pests. Unfortunately, ladybugs are a part of our environment and we
are unable to
prevent them from occasionally visiting our cabin.  Please contact us if the need
arises and we will do our best to help you.

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